Presidential election

President Donald trump speaking in Harbor Maryland at the 2017 conservative political action conference
former vice President of The United States Joe Biden speaking to the Americans in Des, Moines Iowa on August 10, 2019

The presidential election on November 2 in the United States has been a close race. When all the votes have been counted, the president for the next 4 years has been determined. This will affect BGJHS students and their families with futures and the others around us with the United States
Joe Biden is 77 years old and is in the Democratic Party. He believes there is no time to build our country back like the present. Biden believes we need to build better families. To build back the family unit Americans need choices and freedom. The Biden economic recovery plan for working families will build our economy back better. Good-paying union jobs in manufacturing and technology across the country will help families recover.


Donald Trump is 74 years old and is the current 45th President of the United States, and he ran for the presidency for the Republican Party. Trump contributed to this country these last 4 years, and he wants to do more for the U.S. That is why he ran for president again. Trump wants to stop abortion and make it illegal in the United States. Trump boosted the U.S. economy and made it possible for more Americans to be employed than ever recorded before in our history.


Joe Biden was the first to hit 270 electoral votes; he is now at 290. Donald Trump on the other hand is at 232 Trump is still president although Biden has more electoral votes Trump is still president until January until the votes are sent to the house of representatives, and then they will determine who is president from there.