How The COVID vaccine Has Affected the Teachers

Covid vaccine affecting the teachers
By Choden Kun & Damian Lopez
It’s been one year since the pandemic started, and schools are opening once again, and that means teachers are given the option to receive the vaccine to protect their health.

BGJHS students and teachers were given the option to attend the school year virtually, or in the hybrid schedule. Many students had no chance to see their teachers in person. However, when school started with students in virtual or in hybrid schedules, teachers had to improve their teaching methods to make sure students at home and at school were learning at the same rate.

Kentucky teachers had the opportunity to get vaccinated earlier than expected, which meant that Kentucky schools could reopen full time in person. As Bowling Green City Schools were given the opportunity to receive the vaccine, many of the BGJHS teachers and staff took advantage of this opportunity. Two 8th grade science teachers received the Covid vaccine and shared their experience.

Dr. Markham 8th science teacher.

“I felt lucky to get the vaccine early and I went as soon as it was my turn. The vaccine is shown to be 95% effective at preventing people from getting Covid.”

“Mentally, it felt like things were going to get better now that people were getting the vaccine. Physically, it made me a little tired for a few days but it was definitely worth it,” said Dr. Markham 8th grade science teacher at BGJHS.

“I did get the Pfizer vaccination back in February. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to get

Mrs. Newport 8th grade science teacher.

vaccinated early instead of waiting for others in my age group to qualify. My only side effect was a sore arm.”

“Even though I am vaccinated, my dad and my son are not, so I am still very cautious to not hang out with friends unmasked indoors, and I still wear my mask when I am at work or at the grocery store. I do worry less about getting my dad, a cancer survivor, sick or passing the virus to my 2-year-old,” said Mrs. Newport BGJHS 8th grade science teacher.

“I think that since scientists have developed the COVID vaccine they will continue to make improvements in order to ensure effectiveness against the new variants. Coronaviruses are not a new type of virus, so there is already tons of research available as well as ongoing research collected from those who are currently getting vaccinated about how they interact with humans and other mammals. Science only gets better with time,” said Newport.

The percentage of the Covid vaccine protection against the Coronavirus is about 95%, so there is a chance people can still get Covid. With the Covid cases decreasing with the help of the vaccine and people’s social distancing, people could someday walk in places mask-free and people can travel around the world again with a piece of mind.