Disastrous effects of spring break



This graph shows the amount of cases that rose during spring break.

Disastrous effects of spring break
By Chris Brown
Spring breakers in Miami’s South Beach are facing really bad consequences due to not following Covid precautions.
“Miami’s South Beach confronts disastrous spring break. There have been more than 1,000 arrests and nearly 100 gun seizures already during this year’s spring break,” according to the U.S. News and World Report.
That’s pretty bad considering that the Covid spread can worsen in many areas. Dangerous crowds of people can affect the spread. Some of the spring breakers didn’t even wear masks! That is a major health hazard and danger to people around the person not wearing a mask. I definitely wouldn’t not have traveled to Miami during spring break. Although people want to have fun, they still have to think about the virus that has affected millions worldwide. The virus hasn’t gone away and it still affects many people. I wouldn’t want to be around someone not wearing a mask, and I don’t think you would want to either. People shouldn’t be putting others in danger. Without taking the precautions necessary to stay safe, people can risk spreading the virus to other people, and they may not know how another person would react to the virus. If I were to have a weak immune system, I probably wouldn’t survive the virus. People need to be mindful of others’ health and stop putting people in danger.
This would create another outbreak. If the spread worsened, everyone would go into lockdown again, and restaurants, stores, malls, schools, etc, will be shut down. My friends and I would be virtual, and most of my friends don’t enjoy it. Many people wouldnt work.
I am very thankful that my parents have been able to continue working during this pandemic. Without jobs, people won’t have money, and won’t be able to provide for themselves or their kids. If my parents lost their jobs, they wouldn’t make money and wouldn’t be able to provide for me and my siblings
In conclusion, I think spring breakers should have taken more precautions to prevent another outbreak. They needed to be mindful of others because some have weaker immune systems. These spring breakers risked bringing the virus back to their home state. I can assure that if people follow the CDC guidelines and get the vaccine this will help prevent the spread from worsening. This can give the virus time to weaken and eventually go away.