Virtual vs In-person Learning

Virtual vs In-person Learning

Virtual vs in-person learning
By Choden Kun and Damian Lopez

The biggest question that has been asked since the pandemic started is which is better for students, virtual learning or in-person learning? Both of these learning styles have their advantages and disadvantages for the students and teachers.

We are going to show one side of how in-person learning is better than virtual and the other side of how virtual is better than in-person learning.

Virtual learning advantages are: we don’t need to get ready for school like we do when we attend in person. We don’t have to think about the clothes we are wearing or whether or not we have to shower. We also don’t need to be self-conscious about other students judging our clothes because we are at home and nobody can see us. In virtual we are not forced to wear a mask at our home unless something happens at our house like a family member is being quarantined or testing positive for the Coronavirus. In virtual we can work at our own pace. Plus, we can go to the restroom whenever we want and do need to ask permission like we do at school. If our teachers won’t allow us to leave for a break at our home, we can just turn the camera off. Also, during virtual, we can eat food and drink whenever we want without disturbing others.

Virtual learning disadvantages are that we can not meet people face to face, and we can’t get the assistance we need as easily as we do in-person. It is an advantage having our peers help us with assignments or our teachers. In virtual we can get lazy and not do our homework with so many distractions in our house such as electronic devices. In virtual we can’t talk with our peers that much so most of the time we would have to just work by ourselves.

In-person learning advantages are that we get to meet people face to face to learn and talk with our friends more often. We can get more help if we don’t understand a concept from a subject. Plus, we can work with people on a team project if our teachers allow us. In-person learning we can make more new friends in-person. In-person learning we can get free lunch at our school. If you are a parent, in-person learning allows adults to leave their children in school, and they can work without worrying about child care. In-person learning allows us to participate infield trips or educational experiences.

The in-person disadvantage is that we may get Covid in BGJHS, and we may spread it to our family members or maybe to our friends/peers. In-person we normally can not have snacks in the classroom. When we are at lunch the locations where we eat have been split so we can social distance. Students eat in designated classrooms, the gym, and cafeteria. In-person bathroom breaks are limited due to social distancing. It is difficult finding the opportunity to go to the restroom. Plus, in-person learning we get distracted by our classmates and talk with our friends which would distract students from learning and their peers as well.

So what do you think is the best learning style, virtual learning or in-person learning? Both of these learning styles have their pros and cons; however, in either situation we have the opportunity to further our education.