Beginning of the year dance canceled because of COVID numbers


Active cases and quarantine data is published on Bowling Green City Schools’ district website and is updated everyday by 4 o’clock.

Bowling Green Junior High School thought they started the year strong. No masks, new schedules, new classes, a fresh start, but that all ended quickly. Within the fifth day of school, students were required to wear masks again and COVID numbers were at their highest.

On August 20th BGHJS had scheduled their first dance since February 14, 2020. Every year the cheerleading team sponsors the first dance of the year on the second week of school. Sixth and Seventh graders have yet to attend a middle school dance. These students were looking forward to their first dance. In addition, current 8th graders haven’t attended a dance since their 6th grade year.

So why was the Dance canceled?

“There was a big increase in COVID-cases and our first priority is to have a safe environment for the students,” said Mr. Robert Lightning, principal of BGJHS.

During week 2 of school, BGJHS had over 49 people in quarantine. Staff and parents were concerned about these numbers, worried they would increase with a crowded event such as a dance.

Although the dance was canceled, staff and teachers hope to not cancel more. As of now the winter dance is still something the school hopes to schedule if numbers don’t increase. The administration will continue to monitor numbers of staff and student cases. But in order to do this BGJHS must continue to wear masks and stay at least 3ft apart while inside.

“It’s not something I like to do. I know it is part of the middle school experience, but the most important thing is to keep students safe,” said Lightning.

BGJHS students need to follow these guidelines in order to have events and activities that make their middle school experience more enjoyable.