Lunch room rules.


The lunchroom rules are important for every student to follow at Bowling Green Junior High school, but does everyone do it? Students who were on hybrid last year had different rules to follow. Those rules have changed.

All students should at least know some rules. All students should stay at their assigned tables and if students need to get up they raise their hand. Another example would be students should stay quiet in the lunchroom library and outside.

Did the pandemic affect how students follow rules, is it still important for students to follow these rules? Abby Duncan says,¨Yes because we have to sit far away. Yes because you shouldn’t be really loud in general, you shouldn’t make a mess because someone would have to clean it up and stay seated so the teachers don’t lose you.¨

What are the rules and which one is the most important to follow? Charlotte Peters says these are the rules,¨ Don’t shout, get out of your seat, or throw food. ¨ Charlotte also says,¨I think not throwing your food is the most important one because frankly, I don’t like food on me.¨

In conclusion, BGJHS students should know the rules for how to behave at lunch.