New Black Male Scholars Program


The Black Male Scholars program participants.

Bowling Green Junior High started a program over the summer of 2021 for 6th grade young African American males called Black Male Scholars.’’ Black Male Scholars is a program to help young black males be successful here at Bowling Green Junior High,’’ said Robert Lighting.

There are a total of 25 students in this program. They were all chosen to be a part of this new program because administration wanted them to help these students have a bright future and be successful at bowling green junior high school. They’ve had plenty of school and summer activities such as canoeing, ziplining , and an educational field trip to Nashville. They’ve also had an introduction ceremony where the students and their parents attended and a nice lunch and talked about the program. ”We have lots of fun on these field trips and we get to hangout with our friends and do lots of things I would have never ever thought of doing.” said Abraham Shemeila. The students love being a part of the program and spending time with their peers.

They visited the students at their houses and provided every student with backpacks and a nice black male scholar sign in front of their homes.

Students who are a part of the program have all the same classes together, but not including related arts or 7th period WIN. Some of the advantages that make it easier for students is that it is more organized to get work done all at once with peers instead of stressing out about it and trying to ask for elp later at home. Some of the disadvantages are not seeing other friends who aren’t in the program.

In conclusion, the Black Male Scholars Program is helping these young black males succeed this school year. This actively demonstrates that the programs goal in helping these young black males is truly working. Hopefully their whole middle school experience will be fantastic and full of great memories of this program that will help them throughout their life.