Sixth graders transitioning to life at BGJHS


Hugo Aranda

Sixth grade students at BGJHS working in Mr. Brown’s room

On August 5th 2021, Bowling Green Junior High School students started a new year. The 6th graders received new classes, new opportunities, new teachers. On the fifth day of school it became mandatory for the students to wear masks. That really affected the school year. Sixth grade wasn’t what students expected, but other students enjoyed their first few months in school.

Sixth graders reaction to a new life at BGJHS.

One 6th grader at BGJHS named Johan Aranda has really enjoyed his first few months in school. Johan said, “I really like this school. I have new friends, new teachers and I like the two classes that they gave us.” Johan Aranda also said, “I do like the new school and, I miss my old friends and I miss my old teacher.” Johan is in a band and he likes to play the bells.

Another 6th grader at BGJHS named Henry Chanchavac said, “All my classes are far apart so I have to walk a lot.” He also said, “I don’t have a lot of my friends in my classes.” Henry said he enjoyed his new classes and he enjoys being at BGJHS. When asked what he misses about his old school he said, “I miss recess. I used to play with my friends and now there is no recess.”

Students do like the new school but, their transition to BGJHS wasn’t easy. Some students are still upset about their classes or the mask issue. Student’s are figuring out how to make new friends, but overall 6th graders have enjoyed their transition to BGJHS.