New teachers at BGJHS

Bowling Green Junior High School has many new classes to offer to students as well as new teachers. This year the Purple family added six dedicated new members to our teaching staff. Here is more information about our new teachers and how the beginning of their school year has gone.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade choir teacher Haley Cuzick (Stamili Songolo)

Haley Cuzick
Related Arts- 6th,7th,8th grade Choir Teacher

Cuzick teaches at Bowling Green Junior High School. She said her school year has been good so far. She teaches 8th, 7th and 6th grade choir. This is her first year teaching here, and she said it has been challenging although, she likes teaching music here. She went to the University School of Nashville.



7th grade Science teacher Midson Moss (Stamili Songolo)

Midson Moss
7th grade Science

Moss teaches at Bowling Green Junior High School. She taught at Moss Middle School before teaching at Bowling Green Junior High School. She said her school year is going great so far. She teaches 7th grade science. She says she enjoys teaching at BGJHS. “I love the teachers I work with and the students I teach,” said Moss.



Soccer Coach and instructional assistant Janusz Świerkosz (Stamili Songolo)

Janusz Świerkosz
Soccer Coach and Instructional Assistant

Swerkosz teaches at Bowling Green Junior High School.
He is a soccer coach and works as an instructional assistant. He teaches 6th and 8th graders. He likes that BGJHS’s Diversity of students from many different counties. He’s not the first teacher in his family. “My mom was a teacher before me, and I learned a lot
from her,” said Swerkosz.



8th grade Introduction to Technology (Stamili Sonoglo)

David Loveland
Related Arts- Introduction to technology

Loveland said he teaches Introduction to Technology Education to 8th graders. He likes to call his first school year a learning year. He likes his students here, but he did teach high school before teaching at BGJHS. His favorite skill to teach is Electricity. Now he feels more connected to the purple family.



8th grade Spanish and Black Male Scholar Program teacher (Stamili Songolo)

Gambia Flemister
Related Arts- Spanish

Flemister said her school year is going well. She teaches Spanish 8th grade and is the coordinator and teacher of the 6th grade Black Scholars Program. This was her first school year, and she describes it as exciting. She likes her students at BGJHS, and she is a former teacher from Bowling Green High School.



6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Emily Young
6th grade Social Studies

She said her school year is going Fast! She can’t believe we are almost halfway through the school year. She teaches 6th grade social studies. She said she likes the color purple…GO PURPLES! She said she really appreciates her 6th grade colleagues, as well as how so many of my students work really hard in the classroom. She taught at South Warren Middle School before teaching at Bowling Green Junior High School.