Mrs. Murray’s hidden talents


by makenzie matthews

Teacher by day artist by night.

Mrs. Murray is a 25-year-old teacher at Bowling Green Jr High School. She started her love for art when she was in school. Murray’s middle school art teacher told her she was really good, and she said to keep up the good work. She enjoyed doing anything with clay when she was younger. Murray also really likes watercolors. She said she loves learning how to mix and make different colors. She has been teaching for 2 years now and never thought that she would be doing art for a job.

Murray owns 9 or 10 paintings of various artists. She has many paintings of her own that she has created. She said she does not plan on quitting art anytime soon so she is staying at BGJHS for a bit longer. What she likes about BGJHS is that the people here make her feel welcome more than in any other school.

Also, the students are always willing to learn and the other teachers have very good relationships with one another and her too. Murray said that maybe one day she plans on going back to school to earn her master’s degree so she can open up her own shop in her house to sell her art. Murray would like to own a shed to sell her art in so everyone can know how hard she worked on her artwork in her home.

Murray feels she never judges her students’ work even if it is different from others. She likes all work for what it is. Naveiyah, a seventh-grade art student at BGJHS, says that Murray is sweet just like a mom. Naveiyah also said that she loved the artwork she did in the class. Naveiyah will take art in 8th grade. She wants to do better art than she did as a seventh-grader. Naveiyah said her most favorite trait about Murray is her smile and how it is heartwarming, and she never looks down on your art. Murray likes to encourage her students and advises students to never put themselves down. “You are perfect no matter what. I love their art,” said Murray.

Naveiyah said that at one time she wanted to give up on her artwork in class, but Murray came up to her and told her that her work is super good and said that she work is one of a kind.