The Costellow story

The Costellow story

Fernando Alvarado and Jackson Parry, Reporters

On December 10, 2021, a devastating  tornado began ripping through the state of Kentucky. Nearly 100 people died all together and around 20 people died in Bowling Green. Many more were injured, and most deaths were juveniles. One of the many families that were affected by the tornado was the Costellow family. Mrs. Costellow teaches at Bowling Green Junior High School, and her children attend Bowling Green Independent Schools.


Thankfully, she wasn’t in Bowling Green when the tornado struck. She had a few days worth of clothes with her because she was on a trip with her family. Costellow’s cat was found in her closet unharmed, and she was so relieved. The next few days were surreal. Her family of 8 stayed at a hotel, and her dog had to stay in a kennel. Having to see her house get demolished was very hard for her. She is now renting a house and expects to to move back to her newly built home in December, 2022.



The tornado was pushing my house back and twisting at the same time. We had cameras that showed rain going in opposite directions in the front of my house and the back. A very large hole opened up on the right side of the house into the attic and two of my sons shared the bonus room on the opposite side of the house. The double window in their room blew out. The pressure in the house was released, and it blew out the back of my house. It then rocked back on its foundation,” said Costellow.




Costellow and her family are doing well now, but they still need emotional support. Mrs. Costellow feels thankful for all the help her family received with food and money. She is also thankful that none of her family or pets were hurt.