How to be a good student


Dzhala Dixon, 8th grader, celebrating her accomplishment of AB Honor Roll

Taelor Howard, Reporter

P: Prepared

R: Respect

I: Integrity 

D: Dependable

E: Effort


To be a good student is to follow PRIDE.

Prepared: for a student to be prepared means to come to school with a Chromebook charged and sharpened pencils. Also being prepared is to have all your school materials and homework ready for class.


Respect: for a student to have respect means to treat the teacher and classmates with respect. Being respectful also means that you respect school employees and all staff members, like cafeteria/custodial staff. Respect comes a long way


Integrity: for a student to have integrity means to have strong moral principles and being honest. Having integrity also means to show honor to your school and do the right thing even though nobody’s watching you.


Dependable: for a student to be dependable means to be determined and able to be relied on. To be dependable means people can rely on you and trust you.


Effort: for a student to have effort is to work hard on assessments and get work done. Students who show effort complete ICU assessments, or don’t have any on there at all. Also effort can mean being organized and ready for class.