Creds: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/minecraft-village-landscape-church-3609241/

Creds: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/minecraft-village-landscape-church-3609241/

Shannon Camden, Reporter

Do you know somebody who spends hours playing Minecraft every day?  Personally, I believe that it may not be a bad thing at all. Minecraft is not just another video game where players sit passively staring at a screen as they run around trying to collect points or shoot bad guys. It’s an immersive and interactive playground where the constant challenges require the brain to work really hard during every moment of the game. 


Minecraft is one of the few video games that both entertains and educates players. There are many reasons to make a little extra screen time for this incredible video game. Many of the shapes look like a block or a cube, this includes trees, dirt, the water, clouds, even a sun, and a lot of other interactive images.


While playing Minecraft people can develop and improve their skills to build whatever they desire. While it’s not mandatory to join forces with others, players soon learn that survival is more likely when they work as a team. 


As a team, shelters are quicker to build, resources are much easier to collect and there’s safety in numbers when it comes to monster attacks. If someone plays inappropriately then they can kick the player from their game. Generally playing with friends is way more fun than playing by yourself. Gamers can do a whole lot more than what one can do by themselves. 


One day you should try Minecraft and play with your friends. Maybe one day you will defeat the boss, which is the ender dragon. You have to defeat the end crystals which are on top of the obsidian towers. It is way easier to have at least 2 more people and more fun.