BGJHS and BGHS Cheerleading Teams Prepare for the New Season


This is the 2021 girls cheerleading team

Rikki Marsee, Reporter

Bowling Green Junior High 6th through 8th grade girls cheer are currently working to prepare for the 2022-2023 season. The Purples cheer, led by head coach, Bobbi Dotson, are current High School State Champions and Second in the state for Bowling Green Junior High School. The incoming freshmen are working extra hard to meet Mrs. Dotson’s standards for her team. Fifth through eighth graders are preparing for their sixth, seventh, and eighth grade season which consists of preparing for difficult challenges that the new cheerleaders will have to learn .

The girls on both Junior High and High School teams work very hard for every title they get. Cheerleading is a rollercoaster of blood, sweat, and tears. Our BG girls throw difficult stunts and tumbling that, if done wrong, could seriously injure them. They do stunts such as full ups, switch up libs, and back handspring ups. It also consists of tumbling, for example; round off tucks, round off back handspring tucks, layouts, standings, etc… 

The cheerleaders participate in  various competitions throughout the season, but the girls love traveling to nationals and bonding together at Disney! The importance and skill it takes to be good at this sport is phenomenal.  They compete both gameday and two and a half minute routines that consist of stunts, choreography, and tumbling put together to make the routines whole. 

 After training and competing in nationals, the team takes a week off. In the coming months, they start preparing for the next season. The 2022-2023 cheer team has now been chosen. Congratulations to all of the cheerleaders!