Nature’s Drummer


Picture creds: BGJHS Twitter

Gabbie Robles, Reporter

On February 24th 2022, during black history month, Bowling Green Jr. High School had special guests. These guests were BabaMusa and his friends. They performed amazing songs on a variation of different drums. They also taught the student body about these drums, which was really interesting.

The students absolutely loved their performance, and it was inspirational. Emory Duvall, BGJHS 6th grader said she liked the performance and the way they engaged with the students. She was very happy during the performance, but she didn’t get on stage to dance. She  loved the performers’ energy and was really excited about the dancing. She learned the names on all the drums and enjoyed taking in other cultures. Overall she would love to see them perform again.

Dezanyah Jones, BGJHS 7th grader also liked their performance and enjoyed the beats of the drums. The performance made her happy, but she didn’t dance on stage either. Her excitement grew when they danced, and she liked learning about the drums. She said that the performers’ beats spoke to her and they were very fun to listen to.

Na’shylin Anderson, BGJHS 8th grade student, also really enjoyed the performance. She loved the performance but she liked the beats the most. She felt very happy and connected, but she didn’t dance on stage. She got the most excited when the girls started dancing. She learned about the names on the drums and she said she overall really enjoyed it and would want to see them again.

Everyone seemed to really like the people and what they performed. Everyone would want to see them again and relive the excitement.