Q&A for the adopted


The triangle represents the adopted child, adoptive parents, and the biological parents. The heart represents the love that they share for the child.

Lucy Cape and Lilly Murphy, Reporters

Q: Would you say getting adopted was an emotional time?

A: Yes, it felt like finally being apart of the family we were meant to be with.


Q: How long did it take for you to be adopted?

A: It took about a year due to the COVID pandemic, but usually it takes a few months.


Q: What was the adoptive family like beforehand?

A: Like we were biologically here, this is definitely the family we were meant to find.


Q: What was the best part of getting adopted?

A: The best part would have to be after the adoption when all of my family had gathered together and was just talking.


Q: What was the process before and during?

A: I had to consult with our lawyer before the actual case, but other than that it was a simple process.


Q: What was your favorite part of the process?

   A:  Meeting them for the first time, immediately we felt at home even if we had only been there for a few days.


Q: Did you have a celebration for the event?

   A: Yes, many of my friends and family came and celebrated.


Adoption can be a long and scary process for many, but it can also be a time of beautiful change. Many have struggles with not finding a family once they are away from their own. This has been an amazing experience for not just me, but the rest of my adoptive family.