Spotlight BGJHS Volleyball


Miles P. Richey

7th grader Ava Tuck serving the ball in the game against Drakes Creek Middle School.

The Bowling Green Junior High Volleyball Team went undefeated after beating their rival Drakes Creek Middle School and the other hard fought games. It takes a team to go undefeated; however, there are a few players that need to be spotlighted: Layah Britt, an 8th grader, Ava Tuck, a 7th grader, and JoEllen Marshall, an 8th grader.

Layah Britt started playing volleyball when she was 7 years old. She plays middle forward for the BGJHS volleyball team. Her biggest influencers are two volleyball players from the Louisville team: Aiko Jones and Amya Shay. Outside of volleyball, she hangs out with her teammates a lot, especially the Bowling Green High School varsity team. She goes out to eat with the team, and they are planning a trip to Jackson’s Orchard. Layah and her teammate Catherine went to Zaxby’s before every game, and she specifically had to drink a Dr. Pepper for good luck.

Ava Tuck started playing in 3rd grade and flowed into middle school volleyball after playing on the travel volleyball team Bravo. The Bowling Green high school team is her biggest inspiration. She loves to hang out with her teammates for bonding. Her biggest wish was to go undefeated, which they accomplished. Outside of volleyball, she likes to listen to music to prepare for the game. She plays outside hitter, and it is her favorite position. When they ended their season undefeated, she was still not happy that it was almost over. She likes to play travel volleyball in the off-season to stay in the game.

JoEllen has been influenced by both of her parents to play volleyball because they were players too. Her dad is an assistant coach, but he was the assistant coach at Western Kentucky University. He also coached her travel teams and pushed her to be the best she can be. Her mom played at the college level and pushes her because she knows what it takes to play at the next level. Outside of volleyball she and the other players like to hang out, go places with each other, and eat dinner. She has a handshake she does with some of her fellow players and she likes to scout the other team.  JoEllen’s position is a setter. She loved beating Drakes since it is their rival so it made her and the team happy.
The BGJHS Lady Volleyball team had some standout players that were part of the keys to their winning.