More About Teachers


Mrs. Keown teaching her 2nd-period class

This year reporters Lilli and N’Aalyiah are spotlighting different teachers throughout Bowling Green Junior High School. We are first spotlighting Mrs. Sherry Keown, in the 8th-grade hallway. Mrs. Keown is an 8th-grade English teacher at BGJHS, she has taught at other schools before coming to Bowling Green Junior High School. Keown likes to watch Marvel Movies and shows.

The other Teacher that we are spotlighting in the 8th grade is Dr. Markem. Markem is an 8th-grade science teacher at BGJHS, she likes hanging out with her kids, and she also likes teaching all the different kids. She is a mother of a 3-year-old.

There are two more teachers and that is Mrs. Higdon and Mrs. Staggs. Mrs. Higdon is an 8th-grade social studies teacher and Mrs stags is a math and science teacher. Mrs. Higdon likes to ride her motorcycle and have family time. Mrs. Staggs likes to have family time and loves teaching.