Archery an up and coming sport

Archery has been around for thousands of years. Using a bow and arrows was a means of survival but became less used when gunpowder was invented. The first known archery competition that compares to what we know today took place in 1583 in Finsbury, England. The competition had over 3000 participants competing for first place. Today, the Vegas Shoot is known as the world’s largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament with over 4,000 competitors.

At archery tournaments, the archer begins by checking their bow and arrows for any damages. Next, they wait for about 20 minutes until they are called to the line. At this time, shooters will receive a scoring sheet with their name on it that is set on the target. Participants shoot multiple times at the 10-yard line, and then at the 15-yard line. Each section of the target is worth different points. The center is 10, which is a bullseye for the archers. The team with the most points at the end of the meet wins.

I talked with Sam Tyler, a shooter for the Bowling Green Purples Archery Team. He says that archery is an enjoyable sport. ¨You get to shoot bow and arrows with your friends and hang out,¨ said Sam

In archery, an archer will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow at a target. Sam also says that archery is a very easy sport. All you need to know is how to shoot a bow and the rules. Our coach, Glen Harwood, can teach anyone who joins the archery team. Archery at BGJHS is a fall sport.