Halloween costume contest

Lilli Botkin, News Reporter

This year at Bowling Green Junior High School 8th Broadcasting Students held their Annual Halloween Costume Contest. Students enter this contest online. All the costumes come in different varieties. The Costume categories were: Best Duo, Best Group, Best hand made, Most funny, Scariest, and Best overall.

 “I   was glad to spread good old fashioned BG spirit during this year’s Halloween season,” said 6th grade Coco Roach.

  BG Students wish to continue this great BG tradition in the upcoming years.  

“IT was a fun experience to participate in this year’s traditions,” said 7th-grade students Jalen Easily and Samayia Cardwell.

“ The reason why we did it online was that we didn’t want to interrupt classes to call students down to take a picture,” said 8th grader and organizer of the contest JoEllen Marshall. 

 Sixth-grade student Latavius said, “I want to be a  killer clown because I like clowns and like to scare people.” 

Sixth-grade student Grace Panther said, “ I am Violet from Willy Wonka,  it is a group costume, it was with Abby Linsey, Gracie Stevens, and Zoe Roberson.”

Go to this link to see who won each category in each grade.

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

8th Grade Broadcasting Students showing who won