Halloween Ends Movie Review (0/10) THE ABSOLUTE WORST MOVIE FINALE OF ALL TIME!!!!!


Alex Holt

Picture of Mr. Editorial AKA Alex Holt

Halloween Ends is the worst horror movie of all time, and it’s the worst horror movie of this year. I would rather watch Terrifier 2 in the movie theater and have a seizure while watching it than watch this movie. This movie almost gave me a stroke because of how dumb this movie is.

Michael Myers is soft as baby wipes in this movie. Some may argue that Michael Myers is old in this movie due to him hiding and living in the sewers for 3 years. The part that confuses me is why didn’t Michael kill Corey. When Corey lures another dude in the sewer, why does Michael all of a sudden think that Corey is his son? Another thing people around town in this movie somehow or someway sees Michael’s eyes in Corey’s…… At that moment when I heard that I lost brain cells, and my instincts wanted me to turn the movie off. The good things I can say about this movie was when Corey offered himself and the ending.

The ending was when Laurie finally kills Michael after 44 years of him terrorizing her. But overall this movie sucked more than the cabbage patch kids movie. Corey Cunnigham is officially the worst Halloween character of all time, and I’m glad that this movie is the final Halloween movie.