How is school going

This year at Bowling Green Junior High two 8th-grade broadcasting students went to see how school was going. There were 4 people we saw that had a great say on how school is going.

Seventh-grade student Zay said, “ 7th grade was good because the teachers aren’t as bad.”
Seventh-grade student Abure said, “ school was going good because I like the classes.”
Sixth-grade student Riley said, “ school is going good because of the cold line at lunch.”
Sixth-grade student Izarisus Franklin said, “ school is good because of 6th period.”

There are a lot of kids that say that social studies is the hardest subject for them. A lot of people say that their 7th pd is their favorite class. The extent to which students are happy at school depends on whether we look at students in fourth or eighth grade. While about half of fourth graders (49 percent) say they are happy in school “all or most of the time,” 26 percent of eighth graders say this. A recent survey of 1,000 parents with school-aged kids (K–12) found that 80 percent say their children either dislike school or are bored at school. More than half the poll (57%) attributed this sentiment to challenging material that makes their kids feel like they’re falling behind