Longer PE


McClinin Gray

8th Grade student shooting a basketball during PE.

Students at Bowling Green Junior High school need more extended PE because they sit so long all day in classes. In my opinion, we should have longer PE. The reason why we should have longer PE is that it helps us get fit, helps us get stronger in our endurance, and balance, and keeps us in shape. Many of us are on sports teams like football, basketball, soccer, etc. We could use longer PE to stay in shape for our sports. Some of us don’t participate in sports, need more sports, and need to stay active. We should have PE for 5th period because it’s longer, and we go to lunch in that class. On Fridays, we can earn free days. To earn a free day all we have to do is the workouts that the coach tells our class to do.

In conclusion, all BGJHS could benefit from a longer PE to stay healthy and active.