West-coast-band “HAUNTED MOUND” released their newest album last month, is it good?


William Pannella

“Butcher House Mixtape” released January 8th, 2023 after almost 2 years after their last album, “Screaming Forest” came out.

Before I get to the main part, I have to say that this album uses strong language and motives to sound cool.

I have been in a phase that most people go through where all I want to listen to is one band/artist so thank the Lord that while I was going through this phase, west-coast experimental rap group “Haunted Mound” released their newest album, “Butcher House Mixtape”. It was released January 8th, 2023, and has become an album that I really enjoy listening to. It’s a very unique sound that I’ve only seen being pulled off by them. It even has a pretty well known and respected rapper on one of the tapes, Black Kray. If you can, you should listen to this. It’s a relatively short listen at 35 minutes over 12 songs.

Also if you want an even more unique sound that legitimately gave me
and other people headaches listening to, you might like Rainbow Bridge 3. A solo project with a couple features made by the main person of the group, “Sematary”. Actually, if you like any features in Butcher House Mixtape then you should check out its respected artist. The main 3 people of the group that you see rap throughout the album, (Buckshot, Turnabout, and HDOE) all made their own albums.

If I was to say a downside of this album it would be that the first ~8 songs are really good, but it does drop in quality. The last 3 songs I listened to because it’s a part of the album, and I had to listen to it. But every single time I went back, I just skipped them. The last 3 are like, ok? It’s really random idk why.

The best song on this album is “Haunted Mound Reapers”. This song includes the main person of the group, Sematary, and his partner, Hackle Down On Em’ (or HDOE for short). He comes up a lot in their discography and every time he is in a song he does so well and this song isn’t an exception. His verse is so good, and it fits the song perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, Sematary’s verses are really good too and the hook is amazing (the part where he laughs like a weirdo). Also the music video for this song is sick.

All in all, it’s a unique album with a lot of really great songs, but not all great songs. 8.5/10