Teachers working together in hopes to produce a fun-tastic show!


Bowling Green Junior High School Choir rehearsing after school for their upcoming Spring Musical: The Lion King Jr., which they have been practicing for since late January.

At Bowling Green Junior High School, students have been preparing to present the Walt Disney film; The Lion King Jr. Students who were selected to take part in the play have been participating in rehearsals since the end of January for 1-2 hours each day in the BGJHS auditorium after school.

The co-directors, Ms. Haley Cuzick, choir director at BGJHS, and Mr. Shawn Quinn, 8th grade social studies teacher, host after-school rehearsals so they can prepare the actors for their musical. Also, Cuzick and Quinn have been responsible for gathering all the necessary equipment, costume sets, and all of the props needed for the performances.

As director, Quinn shares a passion for musicals. All the way back to when he was 11, he has been partaking in these productions. He enjoys being able to portray his love for acting by providing an entertaining show for the audience.

“When I was in school, I was in the musical and all the play’s in my high school, middle school, and in college. I did it and it’s just something I like to do. So, I’m still doing it,” said Quinn.

Quinn and Cuzick are good co-directors; however, there have been some challenges orchestrating all the different aspects of a school musical.

“There’s just a lot of parts that have to get made and a lot of roles that need to be taught,” said Quinn. “We have to know what parts to work on and for how long.”

After each day, Quinn and Cuzick select a certain group of actors to participate in the rehearsals after school. They usually practice until 4:30; although, sometimes they will end a little later. The actors use this time to go over their scripts and placements during the play.

“People like to talk and be social, but it’s still pretty good,” Quinn said about rehearsals.

These rehearsals are also meant for building pieces to different sets. While teaching students how to act, Quinn also shows them how to create sets using different tools like power drills to put together necessary structures.

Building the props can be very costly. Although, Quinn did mention that Mr. Robert Lightning, the principal of BGJHS, has been a big help. He has provided all the funds and resources Quinn and Cuzick have requested.

“The community and parents donated quite a bit,” Quinn said.

From the very beginning of rehearsals, Cuzick and Quinn have recognized two individuals with major improvement. Sydney Shirley, a 6th-grader playing the role of  Timone.

“She’s done a really good job and takes action,” said Quinn.

The second actor recognized for their new improvement is Grace Prather, also a 6th grader who has learned and helps choreograph when needed.

Participating in an event like this allows the actors to interact with each other and have a good time, while also building relationships and social skills. They learn how to work together, talk and speak up, and many more personal attributes. All this together creates lasting memories for the cast.

“I like being in the play because it is fun and gives me something to do,” said Nathaniel Butler (Mufasa), BGJHS eighth-grade actor.

Overall, this musical production has given the actors an opportunity to learn while meeting new people. So sit back, relax, and watch as the BGJHS Choir takes the stage!

This musical is set to take place in the BGJHS Auditorium located near the gym. The entrance for viewers is the door within the bus loop. As you walk in, the doorway to the auditorium will be on the right.

This show is set to be carried out on the following dates:
March 17th @ 7 pm
March 18th @ 7 pm
March 19th @ 3 pm

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this play.
[email protected]