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At the 2019 NBA (National Basketball Association) Award hosted at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on June 24, 2019, there were three nominees for MVP (Most Valuable Player). This list consisted of Giannis Antetokounmpo (#34 on Milwaukee Bucks), James Harden (#13 on Houston Rockets), and Paul George (#13 on Oklahoma City Thunder).
After consideration, Antetokounmpo was awarded the 2019 NBA MVP Award. But, did he really deserve it? Was one of the other nominees more deserving than him? Here’s my viewpoint on the decision.
Harden’s Insane Season
James Harden had a monstrous 2018-19 season averaging 36.1 PPG (Points Per Game), while Giannis only averaged 27.7 PPG. Now, the NBA needs to ask themselves, “Did we really mess up?” For granted, I’m not discrediting Giannis’s game. I think he’s a great player with great skills on the court. But, if you’re saying that he deserved the award more than James Harden, then you must be crazy. That’s like saying Kevin Durant could beat a brush and some lotion in 1v1. Obviously, that’s very egregious.
Though Harden and Antetokounmpo are really good athletes, so is Paul George. Imagine this NBA scenario; Paul George wins the 2019 NBA MVP… would’ve been weird right? Paul George had an even better season than Giannis, averaging 28.0 PPG. Paul George was also a bucket too, don’t get me wrong. Now, his Pacers days were golden, but, I can see why he didn’t win this award. I believe he didn’t receive the award because he didn’t put his all into the court and didn’t show as much hard effort like the other two guys in my eyes.
Comparing FGP (Field Goal Percentages)
Oof, now this takes a turn. All that stuff I talked about Giannis never should’ve won the award; Now, that’s really catching up with me. Giannis had a FGP of 57.8%, while James Harden had 44.2%, and Paul George had a 43.8% FGP. The reason Giannis excels in this area of ball is because his long, lengthy body allows him to get to the basket way easier. Not to mention this Greek Freak stands at a height of 6’11, way taller than most NBA players.
Why Giannis Won The MVP
Giannis won the MVP Award because of his hard work and dedication in the NBA. To be honest, Giannis is one of the most impactful players in the NBA. His freakish athleticism made him an absolute bucket in the paint, even from the Free Throw Line as he leaped from there to dunk it in. Even Shaquille O’Neal gave his nickname, “Superman” to Giannis due to his dominance in the league.
If I’m being honest, I was hating a lil bit. I somewhat understand why he won. But, stats do matter, especially when choosing the receiver of an award like this because in the NBA 2004-05 season, Steve Nash won the MVP only averaging 15.5 PPG. Allen Iverson should’ve won because he averaged 30.7 PPG, 7.9 APG (Assists Per Game) , and 2.4 SPG (Steals Per Game). Another robbery occurred in the NBA 2005-06 season where Nash won again averaging 18.8 PPG while Kobe Bryant should’ve won this award since he averaged 35.4 PPG, 5.3 RPG (Rebounds Per Game), and 4.5 APG.