Variety of food with a variety of opinions


BGJHS students come to eat and catch up with their friends in the newly-furnished cafeteria.

The Bowling Green Junior High School has a big variety of food from cheese burgers to orange chicken, but not all of them are as good as they sound. Here’s what some of the students think.

Tucker Griffin, a 7th grade student in BGJHS brings her own lunch. Out of the times she eats the school lunch, her favorite is cheese pizza. Though, she wishes they had better alfredo. Overall, she thinks that the lunch is pretty good.

BGJHS 7th grade student Jada McCarley had different views on the school food. She thinks they could improve on the food’s spices and flavor. If it was up to her, she would change the quality of the waffles and make them taste better as they are nasty and dry. She would much rather bring her own food than eat the disgusting meals prepared in the school cafeteria.

BGJHS 8th grade student Xavier McKinney thinks the food is “nasty”. He wants the school to stop serving the “slimy pasta”. Xavier’s least favorite lunch choice is the shredded pork. He believes a meatball sub should be added to the menu. In general, Xavier thinks the school could improve the food served to the students.

BGJHS 8th grade student Emma Messmann had a different approach to the school food. She thinks that the food is “okay,” but she’s not really interested in the main courses they serve for hot lunch. Though she does enjoy the salads, she would much rather bring her own lunch. She thinks the school should change one of the main courses to more veggie-based so people in the school could be healthier.

BGJHS 6th grade student Demichael Boyd likes the school food. His favorite food is orange chicken. Demichael thinks they’re good at serving hot lunches to the students. If he could, he would make it where people can get seconds without paying. With that, he would add more items to the serving list as the choices are limited. His overall opinion of school food (mostly lunch) is that it’s pretty good.

BGJHS 6th grade student Acelynn Owmby Wright thinks the school food is mostly good with some rough patches here and there. She doesn’t think they should change any of their food choices for lunch. But, for breakfast she thinks they should change the tornados and give waffles instead. Acelynn would change the pork carnita to quesadillas since she enjoys them better. If she had a choice to bring food from home or eat school lunch, she would eat school food because she likes the hot lunches. In conclusion, it’s safe to say majority of the school thinks the school food could be better.