BG track stars

By: Alex Hampton


Photo By: Alex Hampton

Jaidus Flippin and Jada Brannon are Bowling Green Jr High students, but in their spare time they run track for the school.

Jada Brannon is a track runner who has a passion for running on the track team. Jada is quick on her feet and even cheers for BGJHS. This year she and the cheer team went to KAPOS a cheer competition. She won 3 medals in track last year and is looking forward to winning more. She said her strength is in running and jumping. The events that Jada runs in track meets are 2 by 4 and the 100 meter dash. Jada’s goal is to become better at long distance running. Jada said if she didn’t run track she would try out for volleyball. Jada is on the track team to help her in cheer, and it can make her faster.


Jaidus Flippin is a track and football star. He ran track last year and won 2 medals. He is a very fast kid that can win even more. The person that motivates Jaidus is Cam Newton because he plays for his favorite team the Carolina Panthers. Newton  proves himself on and off the field which is  Jaidus’ goal. Jaidus Flippin got into running because of his love of the sport.