Monty Python’s Spamalot musical: behind the scenes

Students getting ready to perform the Spamalot musical.

Photo By Bgjhs twitter

Students getting ready to perform the Spamalot musical.

The Spamalot musical was performed on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st. These 3 days the cast of 35 actors, 2 directors, and 1 choreographer worked to bring the Spamalot musical to Bowling Green Jr. High. To audition, the students had to submit a form; they stayed after school for the actual audition. 35 of the students were chosen to have a part in the play

 “It took three months to organize, give or take,” said Micheal Bunton, an eighth-grade student that was involved in the musical.

There was work off the stage as well for the stage crew. 

 “It took about 2 months of staying after school from about 5:30 to 7:30 for the stage crew,” said Tara Pattee, a stage crew member.

While the actors were singing and dancing, the stage crew were backstage getting the set ready. This routine was practiced for months. During those couple of months, the actors, directors, and choreographers stayed after school practicing their parts and getting their voices ready to perform in front of the school. 

Months of hard work paid off and the cast and crew were very satisfied and proud of their performance.



Spamalot Cast:


Historian 1 Jonathan Hunter Historian 2 Ben Pegues
Historian 3 Ariti Gani Mayor Jack Butler
Finland Singer 1 Shaelin Carter Finland Singer 2 Brynn Walker
Finland Singer 3 Madison Berman Finland Singer 4 Lilah Alcott
King Arthur Abby Christian Patsy Audrey Wallace
Guard 1 Jack Sternberg Guard 2 Peter Tooley
Guard 3 Harper Ferrell Sir Robin Mallory Quinn
Sir Lance Paul Littlepage Not Dead Fred (Man) Lilah Alcott
Sir Dennis (Gallahad) Graham Browder-Seguin Dennis’s Mother Madison Berman
Lady of the Lake Saxon Evans The Laker Girls Lilah Alcott
Hannah Fowlkes
Shaelin Carter
Sir Bedevere Sammy Hall Lady of the Lounge Stella Copeland
French Taunter 1 Jack Sternberg French Taunter 2 Peter Tooley
French Guards Josh Martin Ni Knight Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill
Head Ni Knight Harper Ferrell Knight Solo 1 Peter Tooley
Knight Solo 2 Jack Butler Knight Solo 3 Jack Sternberg
Minstrel 1 Robbie Dye Minstrel 2 Michael Bunton
Minstrel 3 Stone Dieme Minstrel 4 Margie Ping
Bors Michael Bunton Brother Maynard Josh Martin
Tim the Enchanter Mark White Bunny Puppeteer Abigail Lowery



Paige Riley Jemetrec Hampton
Stone Dieme Emily Martinez
Abigail Lowery