A and A/B Honer Roll


Nayeli Andres Lopez

Students in the 8th grade are presented with certificates for the A and A/B honor roll

Nayeli Andres Lopez


Bowling Green Junior High School students earned an award because they received all A’s or A/B’s on their report card. The A and A/B Honor Roll ceremony recognized students who have achieved all A’s and all A/B’s. The Honor Roll is an initiative that has been reintroduced to BGJHS. The A and A/B Honor Roll for the 6th graders were January 28, 2020; the 7th graders January 29, 2020; and for the 8th grade January 30, 2020.

The administrators organized the students into two groups one for all A’s and the other Group for all A/B’s. 

There were a total of 118 students for making all A’s and A/B’s in the 6th-grade; 168 in 7th grade; and 138 in the 8th grade at BGJHS 

 “The A and A/B honor roll started the initiative and was started to recognize the hard work that students put into being academically successful.  We want to constantly praise students for their commitment and effort to being academically successful,” Mr. Lighting said.

 The accomplishment of this A and A/B Honor Roll helps students achieve a goal in their life by earning a certificate. Their teachers, parents, family members, and peers were present for this recognition.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Lightning and the other administrators shook each students’ hand and challenge them to continue their success in making all A’s and A/B’s on their future report cards.