School Diversity

Bowling Green Junior High School is a school with 971 students in total, each of these students have unique and amazing backgrounds. When students and staff walk down the main hall they can see many different flags that represent the students in our school. BGJHS has students from different parts around the world, which is very interesting because students get to learn about other cultures, religions, languages and different types of food they eat. 


Kashindi Rashidi, is a 6th grader at BGJHS, from Tanzania a country in East Africa. She informed us about their dance, clothing, and food. Where she’s from, men wear a kanzu, that’s a  traditional cap; they also wear a European-style suit jacket or the traditional cloak called Bisht. And the women wear maxi dresses or loose-fitting trousers with equally loose-fitting tops that are appropriate. Kashindi wants people to learn more about her culture and the type of food, clothing, holidays, traditions, etc. 


Another one of our diverse students is Blanca Rodriguez, an 8th grader who has been at BGJHS for the past 3 years. Blanca came from El Salvador, a country in Central America. She explained to us about her culture and the way they do things differently in El Salvador.

“I would like for people to be more open-minded and learn about different cultures, including mine,” said Blanca.


According to a New York Times article “Studies show that students work best in a diverse environment, helping them to focus and drive themselves further when working alongside them are people of other backgrounds.” It also makes the child feel unique but also be apart of different friend groups!