Teacher spotlight: Mr. Quinn

Teacher spotlight: Mr. Quinn

By Emily Franklin , 8th Grade Reporter

At Bowling Green Junior High School all students are empowered to become respectful and responsible learners and leaders. The biggest impact on students are teachers and other peers. Teachers teach the student manners, discipline, confidence, and of course math, reading, science, and social studies, all of this help when we grow older. 

Seventh-grade social studies teacher, Shawn Quinn, has been teaching for 4 years. Not only is Mr.Quinn a social studies teacher, but he also takes part in STLP (Student Technology Leadership Project) by being a sponsor. Quinn stays after school for game club, a club where kids come and play dungeons and dragons and other tabletop games. Quinn not only helps as a teacher, but he has also helped for BGJHS musical “Spamalot”. He was the voice of God, he ran the music and sound, and he would sometimes critique the actors in the musical.

“I like working with kids and helping them learn more,” said Quinn.

He has a good relationship with all of his students, they know they can talk to him. Quinn hasn’t always wanted to be a teacher, he wanted to be an actor but changed his mind.

 8th-grade students: Katelin Thomas, Emery Bruni, and Paris Sifuentes, all agreed that Mr. Quinn is a great teacher and had a lot of fun in his class.

“He made learning about social studies fun,” said Katelin.