Corona-virus Chaos Strikes Grocery Stores


In this chaos of sickness and worry some people take all the toilet paper. For more information on the Corona-virus go to KYCOVID19.KY.GOV.

By Ava Phelps, 6th grade photojournalism

Mr. Bruce Wilkerson, the Mayor of Bowling Green, says he’s been to the grocery store 3 times in the past couple of weeks to purchase a few essentials and to see how many customers were shopping. He saw people planning and preparing for the worst.

“They might take 5 big things of toilet paper just to be safe but not think of other people who might actually need toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or canned goods,” said Wilkerson.


The mayor also states that some people don’t care about  COVID-19 p and go one as usual while customers are overreacting. This is where some problems occur. The people who don’t care might spread germs and get someone sick. The others who care too much are taking enough supplies so they might hide in their basement for a decade. 


While this may strike fear into the hearts of many people around the world, as long as we follow our instructions to wash our hands and keep our buying under control we’ll be okay.

 For more information on the Coronavirus go to KYCOVID19.KY.GOV.