The Roads of Bowling Green

Since Covid-19 hit the United States, states have been shut down all across America with Georgia and Florida re-opening their beaches and Georgia even opening gyms again. Here in Kentucky Andy Beshear did a good job of keeping Kentuckians in their houses and giving good advice on how to stay safe. The following pictures are a great example of Bowling Green doing their job of keeping Covid-19 away from our city.


In this photo, you can see Smallhouse Rd. at 5:00 pm, one of the busiest times for this road because everyone is getting off of work but there are barely any cars because of the shutdown. Photo by David Quintanilla




Here we can see the few cars that were on the road while I was taking these pictures atRd. Photo by David Quintanilla






Later that day I went around 7:50 and there were even fewer cars. Photo By David Quintanilla