How Covid19 has affected the 8th graders at BGJHS


BGJHS teachers advise students to stay home and stay safe

Aubrey Andrade, 8th Grade News Reporter

student folders for online learning

The Covid19 affected 8th-grade students by not attending school in person. Students and teachers were asked to implement NTI (non-traditional instruction). Students have to do online or pencil/ paper school work at home instead of attending school. 


This has been a difficult time for 8th graders at Bowling Green Junior High School because the big major part about not going to school is that we might be able to finish this school year properly and the 8th graders might not have a  graduation. Students won’t be able to experience our last memorable times in middle school before we go to high school.

“It doesn’t affect me that much because I wasn’t really planning on attending the graduation anyways,” said an 8th grader Dada Mukama.

“It’s gonna be the last year before the most important four years of our lives. After middle school we’re gonna spend four years leading up to being an adult and going on our own. It’s not fair that we can’t see our friends and our teachers before 8th graders go to highschool because they spent 3 good years there and now we have to say goodbye,” said 8th grader Hailey.


It’s already bad enough how students can’t even have graduation or attend one. We should’ve at least said goodbye to everyone, to our friends, to our teachers and staff that we know. Lots of students are all missing school.


  “I’m missing being taught in the classroom and just being at school,” said 8th grader Bryson Hood. 

“ Also I miss my friends, I just wanted my last year of middle school to be the best and not like this,” said Dada.