BGJHS has to have a limited rr breaks


Anthony Pointer

Ms. Diondra Anthony monitors the number of students in the restroom during class changes at BGJHS to keep kids healthy at school during the pandemic.

BGJHS hangs COVID stay healthy signs around the school.

BGJHS: limited rr breaks because of COVID

COVID has affected Bowling Green Junior High School in many ways. The public doesn’t realize how our school day has changed so much because of COVID.
One factor that affects all students is limited restroom breaks. When I returned to school after the shut down, I never thought we would have limited restroom breaks.
We can’t be late to class so if the limit of three students in the restroom is reached, I have to wait or be late for class. It is a frustrating situation because I don’t want to be late for class, and it is difficult not being able to use the facilities when necessary. I never thought I would have to wait to go to the bathroom in between classes.
At BGJHS during class changes, I have to stand outside the bathroom if the limit is reached. Three students are allowed in the restrooms at one given time. Instructional Assistants or other staff members are posted outside the restroom to keep count of students and monitor.  BGJHS does this for our safety because if there are a lot of people in the bathroom there is a likely chance to catch COVID because somebody could leave their mask down and that’s a more likely chance to catch COVID. BGJHS has to be more protective because people are starting to have more cases everyday. BGJHS is trying to keep me safe. I think it’s good to have limited people in the bathroom because it’s keeping everybody safe.
COVID is affecting BGJHS because it could cause our school year to end. BGJHS has limited bathroom breaks because if there is a group of people in the bathroom then we wouldn’t be 6 feet apart. This has been a school year like no other.