The Purple Spirit

Niang Kim, News Reporter

Kim is a student at BGJHS. She has been a student of Ms. Pollard all her middle school years. In her 6th-grade year, she had her Photojournalism class. In her 7th grade year, she had her Journalism A class. Now in her 8th-grade year, she has Ms. Pollard'sPollards Multimedia Communications class. Kim wants to try and go to EKU  (Easter Kentucky University) when she gets older, and she wants to major in criminology, biology, forensic science, and computer science in order to become a crime scene investigator in the future. Kim was born on October 16, 2008, in PJ, Malaysia but then moved to Burma for 2 years. and Kim arrived in came America in 2010. She likes spending time alone in her room and going out with her friends, doing anything. She has a love for cats, especially kittens. 


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Niang Kim